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Composer Composer Joachim F.W. Schneider's music is complex and multilayered, he uses all possible ways of expression and techniques of the instruments involved. This variety is brought together into an own and original aestheticism which is dense in colour and time.
Works Joachim F.W. Schneider’s compositions include works for orchestra and various chamber and ensemble settings. In addition to that his œuvre contains a series of solo pieces.
Teaching With passion Joachim F.W. Schneider dedicates himself to the promotion of children and teenagers which are highly talented in music. He gives lessons in music theory to advanced placement students at the University of Musik Würzburg, in a pilot scheme for highly skilled children in high schools and at the Music School in Aschaffenburg. Since the summer term 2013 he is deputy professor for composition at the Academy of Music in Würzburg.
Awards Joachim F.W. Schneider has received many national and international awards, including 1st Prize in the II. International Uuno Klami Composition Competition in Finland, the Bayerischer Staatsförderpreis, given by the German Federal State of Bavaria, and the European Composer’s Award.
Current Projects Fanfare for 3 trumpets and carillon
Duo guitar / music box with Stefan Barcsay
Fuga ma non troppo for music box and pendulums
accordion duo for Susanne and Veli Kujala

Current Dates

  • 20 November 2016
    Leipziger Gitarrenkonzerte
    GRASSI Museum für Musikinstrumente, Zimeliensaal
  • 24 April 2016
    Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan't IJ, Small Hall
    11:00 4 voeten - 4 handen Susanne...
  • 11-13 March 2016
    Aschaffenburger Kulturtage
    Lichtkunstnächte in Aschaffenburg On...
  • 13-17 January 2016
    Berlin, University of the Arts Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Conservatory Competition
  • 29 November 2015
    Amsterdam, Muziekgebouw aan't IJ, Kleine Zaal
    11:00 MicroFest Amsterdam...