Chronological Catalogue - Joachim FW Schneider

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Klavierstück V (2023) with violin and live electronics
Head & Machine (2022/23) for accordion
Auswilderung (2021/22) Symphony for organ
One Hot Minute (2021) for 31 tone guitar, 96 tone piano and 31 tone organ
Balmoral (2021) for theorbo
SucheMaria (2020) Video and playback
Schattenpendel (2020) Video and playback
Zwergenkriege (2020) Video and punched tape music box
Zwergenkriege (2020) Video and playback
Blutmond (2019) Concerto for violoncello and ensemble with mezzosoprano
Drei Gassenhauer (2019) for 31tone guitar
Exit4 (2018) for three timpani
Rosette (2018) Video and organ
Drei kleine Klavierstücke (2018)
La Tique (2018) for guitar in sixth tone scordatura
Grand Duo (2017/18) pour deux accordéons
Pixel (2017) for guitar quartet
Nocturne (2017) for guitar in sixth tone scordatura
Gambit Hommage à une idée (2016) for chamber orchestra
Wolf (2016) for violin and accordion
A Short Lecture On Irreversible Numbers (2015) for solo trombone
Nacht und Träume Song after Franz Schubert (2015) for guitar
Im Umlauf Constellations for trumpet and 12 drums (2015)
Unruh (2015) for ensemble in 31-tone equal temperament
Fuga ma non troppo (2014) for punched tape music box and pendulums
Overkill (2014) for punched tape music box and guitar
Licht I-III (2014) for three trumpets in three towers
Lichtfanfare (2014) for three trumpets and carillon
PlingPlongPingPong (2013/14) for punched tape music box and pendulums
Goldberg-Walzer (2013) for punched tape music box
Spins 'n' Spans (2013) for the 31-tone Fokker organ in Amsterdam
Fifteen Seconds (2013) for recorder quartet
Sechs schematische Stücke mit Obertonchoral (2012/13) for wind quintet
Aureolen (2013) Version for three flutes
Klaviertrio Nr. 2 "Ghost" (2013) for violin, violoncello and piano
PlingPlong Music with music boxes (2012) for guitar
Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto II BWV 593 (after L'Estro Armonico Op. 3, No. 8 by Antonio Vivaldi) (2012) Arrangement for solo violoncello and string orchestra
Goldberg Aria mit verschiedenen Veränderungen (2011/12) for two guitars
Chimaira (2012) for organ
Aureolen (2011) Version for two flutes
Konzert für Streichorchester "2. Ansbachisches Konzert" (2011)
Doppelkonzert (2010) for quartertone accordion, accordion and chamber orchestra
Calypte Anna (Annakolibri) (2010) for guitar
Nächtens Song after a poem by Georg Trakl (2009) for mezzosoprano and chamber ensemble
Stretto Variations in tempo und texture (2009) for orchestra
Linienspiel Quartet about smiling (2009) for trumpet, violoncello, percussion and piano
Drittes Streichquartett mit Tuba (2009)
Johann Sebastian Bach, Concerto nach italienischem Gusto (Italienisches Konzert, BWV 971) (2009) Instrumentation for ensemble
Drei Orchesterstücke (2008)
Marschlied, Aria und Ostinato (2008) for violin, saxophone and piano
Cosm (2008) for flute, cajon and guitar
Guru (II) (2005) Version for solo guitar
Wasser (2005) for solo soprano and choir (SSAATTBB) a cappella
Klavierstück IV Ballet for two pianists (2005)
Alliages (2004) for saxophone quartet
three alphabets (2004) for violin and guitar
Caprichos – 3. Que viene el Coco. (2004) for contrabass
Caprichos – 59. Y aun no se van! (2004) for piano
Von der Einsamkeit dürrer Lieder after a poem by Tahereh Saffarzadeh in translation by Annemarie Schimmel (2004) for soprano, violin and guitar
Aureolen (2004) for flute
Caprichos – 32. Por que fue sensible. (2003) for guitar
Caprichos – 1. Francisco Goya y Lucientes, Pintor. (2003) for guitar
Sylphidentänze (2003) for orchestra
Guru (2. Version 2003) Concerto for guitar and ensemble
snare alphabet Hommage à Brian Ferneyhough (2002) for snare drum
Erdwärts (2002) for accordion
Quartett (... zwischen Immer und Nie ...) (2002) for flute, two guitars and accordion
Guru (2002) Concerto for guitar and ensemble
Powerplay (2001) for sextet
Lines, a couple of fields … (2001) for five electric guitars
live (2001) for solo voice
Rainmaker (2000) for percussion ensemble (at least 6 players)
[Hummel-Minute] (2000) for two pianos
Leichter als Luft (2000) for flute, two guitars and violoncello
Kolibri (1999) for flute and two guitars
Schlechter Trost Song after a poem by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1999) for violin, soprano and piano
Konzert (1998) for piano and orchestra
Korinther! fter texts from the Epistle to the Corinthians (1998) for choir (SSATB) a cappella
TENEBRAE after three poems by Paul Celan (1998) for soprano and ensemble
Laut (1997) for solo trombone
Klavierstück III »Sonate« (1997)
Drei Lieder after poems by Heinrich Heine (1997) ffor voice and piano
Nachtlied (1997) for string sextet
Zwei Orchesterstücke (1996/97) for orchestra
breathe (1996) for oboe and CD
Klavierstück II (1995)
Engelsgesang (Sanctus) (1994) for tuba
Schwarzer Marsch (1994) for three percussionists
Klavierstück I »Etüde« (1994)
kyrie / GOTT DU BIST MEIN GOTT. AMEN (1994) for choir (SSAATTBB) with percussion instruments
Wiegenlied (1993) for piano
Klaviertrio (1992) for violin, violoncello and piano
Os oboi (1991/92) for oboe

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