Ensemble - Joachim FW Schneider

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Instrumental   |   With Voice
(2015) for ensemble in 31-tone equal temperament  •  duration c.  8:00
Ensemble: flute, clarinet (Bb), viola, 31tone guitar, keyboard, Fokker organ, cymbal
commissioned by Huygens-Fokker Foundation  •  world premiere on 29 November 2015 in Amsterdam by Ensemble SCALA

(2000) for percussion ensemble (at least 6 players)  •  duration c.  10:30
Instrumentarium: 2 xyolphonex, vibraphone, 2 cymbals, shaker,guiro, crotales, musical saw, cabaza, 2 rainmakers, 3 glockenspiel, 3 marimbas (A, F, C), tubo, torpedo, afuché
world premiere on 19 June 2001 in Würzburg

Song after a poem by Georg Trakl (2009) for mezzosoprano and chamber ensemble  •  duration c.  4:30
Ensemble: flute, bass clarinet (alternatively clarinet), string quartet
world premiere on 5 February 2010 in Darmstadt

(1998) for soprano and ensemble after three poems by Paul Celan  •  duration c. 21:00
Ensemble: flute (doubling piccolo), clarinet (doubling bass clarinet), horn, percussion (2 players), piano (2 players), string quartet
world premiere on 1 April 1998 in Jerusalem

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